For CPAP therapy to function, a tube or hose is needed. CPAP tubing is the hose that connects the CPAP machine to the mask. While some machines still use”multi-fit" tubing, many newer CPAP machines and humidifiers have dedicated tubing with integrated heating elements and specialised connections.

A well-fitted tube and hose on your CPAP mask will prevent leaks and moisture. Cheap Mobile CPAP provides a collection of sleep tubes and hoses in a range of different sizes to accommodate your mask and machine. If you are unsure about what length tube you need, contact the sleep technicians at Cheap Mobile CPAP on 07 4167 0032 for advice and support.


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CPAP Hose 6' /1.8m long. Suitable for most brands

CPAP Hose 6' /1.8m long....

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